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#347 - 2009-12-26 - mobile narrowband
mobile narrowband
I'm at my dads place for a Christmas dinner they always have on the 2nd day of Christmas. The connection is usually ok stable here - not fast, but I can get stuff done.

Last night was different though. All the rain kinda makes the connection seem like every packet is being carried by courier-doves, fighting their way through honey.

(If that last paragraph put more than a smile on your face, it must have been something you read).
2009-12-26 12:53:30 CET
Poor honey -cuddle-cuddle-
But yays, we is on the same island, yes? XD
2009-12-26 12:54:25 CET
I speeks lolspeek, sorry, has just checked my mails and there were two ICHC-mails -blushing-
2009-12-26 17:32:46 CET
Yes, but not for long ;)
2009-12-26 21:27:55 CET
Possiblt your mobile unit uses IPoAC currently?
2009-12-26 21:36:18 CET
Heeheeh. It just feels like that.. Or maybe it's just because there' no 3G-coverage that far out on nowhere, so it's running on GPRS only
2009-12-26 21:59:42 CET
Well... considering you were at the official speed bump of DK, I really don't get why you are surprised?


(I'm wearing boots of escaping!)
2009-12-27 01:56:25 CET
Snarky: I see a 'tickle of death' in your near future ;)
On a completely unrelated note - could I have your adress? *innocent whistle*
2009-12-27 02:32:43 CET
"Indeed," Dumbledore said gravely. "Just what do you think you intend to do?"

"I thought it was blindingly obvious, Albus," Severus Snape said coldly. "We intend to establish a loving, passionate Master/slave relationship and live happily ever after."

Snape on slavebond to Potter - loool
2009-12-27 02:45:22 CET
speaking of 'unrelated' - that certainly was ;)
2009-12-27 03:19:10 CET
I have no idea what you're talking about -whistles innocently (pun on your whistling SO intended)-angel face-
2009-12-27 09:30:50 CET
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