The (expected) regular cast of The Daily Denada
rené: Thats me. Right there. The character developed through a few different expressions until I settled on this 'cocky hairdo'-style. It looks nothing like me in real life though, but I like it. I'm currently 34 35 years old, I live in Denmark, where I work in IT in a major transportation company. One of my friends, who shall remain nameless (*cough*T*cough*) claims, that I made this strip because I have way too much time on my hands. I'm inclined to say that he's right.. that, and not enough sleep.
P: This guy is one of my best friends (and yes, he is real). When I started doing the comic, I wasn't planning on using any characters from my real life. After 2 strips that changed though, and then the damage was done; P ended up with my haircut. Better the same though, as I can't draw his actual hairdo and goatee. I am sure this will change in the future as I get slightly better at this, but for now this is what he gets.
T: Another real person in my life, with an unreal imagination. Serves as great inspiration from time to time. T is also a master in the kitchen and he's into macs.
Muse/QoFE: The Queen Of F****ng Everything, who is also a sort of a muse for me. It's not something she or I asked for - it just happened. Like a soulmate, I think everyone has one of these (or at least should have). She's based on a real living person, but the hair is a bit on the wild side in my rendition of her (to match her wild spirit?)
H: Former roommate of QoFE. One of the young people in the cast. Has an excellent ability to make everyone smile. Also based on a real and living person. I think I got the hair pretty good this time.
C: A friend of QoFE and H, and now also of rené, P and T. Sometimes lives in a parallel universe (different from the parallel universe of QoFE). Also a real and living person.
J: Real life colleauge and friend. We went on a road trip across the US in august/september 2009, so you got to see some more of this guy back then. Loves food and loves to cook by the way. A real keeper ;)
The Rest: There are others who have made an appearance or two in the strip over time, and I'm sure many others will drop by..