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#346 - 2009-12-25 - leftovers
It was a different Christmas indeed. I had to be at work, and so I invited P and The Muse to join me if they didn't have any plans (which they didn't - yay!).

Of course we had a lot to eat, and I am quite content with the fact that we didn't have any dessert. We didn't even touch the fruit. and half the cookies were left behind at the office when we left. Yes. We were that full :)

Again, thank you guys for spending time with me and making Christmas a little different ;)
2009-12-25 14:20:26 CET
Any time René... (where did I get that much hair from?)
2009-12-25 14:22:44 CET
You got it from February 17 ( a few strokes too much maybe ;)
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rené: Thank you guys for spending Christmas with me. Uhm, will any of you take the leftovers?
P: I'm stuffed!
Muse: I'm full!
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