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#345 - 2009-12-24 - merry christmas
merry christmas
Merry Christmas to all of you (who observe Christmas, that is). Personaly, I am going to spend it at work. With two good friends joining me, it should be quite fun though.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope nothing breaks down this evening, as we have stuff to do (a date with a duck and other edibles ;)).
2009-12-24 07:17:26 CET
Merry christmas to you :) I am at work to as well as tomorrow.. So not much christmas here either :(
2009-12-24 09:03:37 CET
Maria: Oh.. but thanks :)
2009-12-24 11:05:20 CET
I want a hippopotamus for christmas...
2009-12-24 12:50:59 CET
... Only a hippopotamus will doooo......
2009-12-24 15:01:08 CET
I want a pony!

Merry christmas everyone.
2009-12-24 16:08:45 CET
I want nine digital frames..... And someone to program them -angel face-

Happy Christmas Loves ^_^
2009-12-24 17:46:07 CET
2009-12-24 23:42:21 CET
Yes! XD
And there is a reason for the madness ;-)
2009-12-25 01:49:26 CET
Oh, please _do_ enlighten us ;)
2009-12-26 12:51:08 CET
Each of them should be hung on the same wall with a little space between them, and then they each show a bit of a bigger picture, that is shown as a whole when you step a few steps back.... Does it make any sense at all?
Well, _I_ know what I mean.... But I don't know how to make it happen though.... If I actually ever get the frames....

Oh, and I thieved the idea from Mike :-P
2009-12-26 19:32:17 CET
Rizza: Ah - like a mosoaic? Makes sense..
2009-12-26 21:57:36 CET
Yes, like a mosaic.... I suppose ^_^
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