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#348 - 2009-12-27 - death by laughing
death by laughing
Yesterday I was told by a an unnamed fan, that I made her smile and laugh - a lot. While I am flattered, I am also kinda worried that I one day might claim a life this way.

So - to all of you out there. Please don't make it look like it was me if you do die from laughing, ok?
2009-12-27 14:24:18 CET
Whaddaya mean "fan"?

I worship you like a god. I have an altar in the corner of my living room. With a little figurine and everything (will be available in my Ebay store soon).

*Pfftttt*... "Fan".

2009-12-27 17:39:33 CET
s/fan/craaaazy stalker/ ;)

(how much is the figurine by the way?)
2009-12-27 21:26:24 CET
Uuuuh, a figurine, I want one, where did you get it? Where, where, where? XD
2009-12-28 03:09:29 CET
Maybe it's this one?

(please, don't pin needles in it!)
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