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#102 - 2009-04-25 - love computer
love computer
Yes, yes it is. And not all my friends live inside my computer - some of them have managed to escape, but they're not running anywhere, so they get to stay out whenever they want :)

This was inspired by the 'I love my computer, because all my friends live in it'-cartoon that has been going around the internet for ages.. a fan wanted me to copy it into 3 frames instead, but why copy when you can twist? ;)
2009-04-27 08:01:03 CET
I tried WoW on your computer... Took ages to patch, doesn't run like a dream... ;-) You lier!!!
2009-04-27 10:09:26 CET
duh. that was the old computer. it was slo[insert 27 o's]ooow as f*ck. this one runs like a dream :)
2009-04-27 10:11:24 CET
(I think - but the internet is slow here, and that's also why it took ages to patch :P)
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rené: I _love_ my computer!
P: Is that because all your friends live inside it?
rené: No man. It's because it runs WoW like a _dream_!
rené: Love, Love, Love, Love...
P: Well, that's a good argument as well.
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