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#22 - 2009-02-04 - listen
I might get into trouble for this one, but I feel I need to say this; people, listen to each other. Your intentions might be good, but please listen to the people around you if there really is a need. By experience I know this, stop and listen once in a while.
Felt kinda sad after doing this, but I had to. I don't know everything about how this feels, but I can write several key-chapters in the book on the general subject of being 'redundant'.
2009-02-04 15:37:08 CET
'funny' is back on tomorrow. promise.
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Male: [sneezes]
Female 1: You need nasal spray, mints and and and...
Female 2: ... I've got some ricola?
Male: It's ok, I have Gajol...
Female 1: Shush, that's candy. I'll buy you something.
Female 2: I have ric-- Screw it, I'm leaving
Female 1: [from outside the frame] Here, I got you some... hey, where did you go?
Male: [to female 2] Hey you.. I'd like one of those...
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