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#21 - 2009-02-03 - pig tails
pig tails
I'd like to think that my 'muse' would be mad if I found another muse. I'd need a muse first though.

I have loads of ideas for the next week or so, so there should be a new strip at 5am CET each day for the rest of the week (unless I forget the ideas I didn't write down).
2009-02-03 23:26:31 CET
Woohoo.. Lyder godt.. Ser frem til flere gode striber.. :)
2009-02-05 13:43:17 CET
Morgan's got pigtales... ;-)
2009-02-05 16:03:36 CET
so does a lot of girls out there ;) (tip: don't google 'pigtales' or 'pig tales' with filtering turned off..)
2009-02-05 19:31:57 CET
by the way.. Morgan's underage.. ew ew ew ;)
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Female: I noticed you keep drawing me, even though you have no chance?
Male: Yeah, I just find inspiration in you.
Female: So I'm some kind of muse for you now?
Male: [thinks]
Male: Yeah.. at least until I learn how to draw pig tails.
Female: who..
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