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#20 - 2009-02-02 - still single
still single
Another shameless re-use, but I didn't get it quite right yesterday and truth be told, I'm not quite sure what the real answer is - I could do at least 5 more strips like this, and still not get it right.
Other responses could be:
- "as long as it isn't HIV positive"
- "then all I need is a negative charge.."
- ".. she could be right"
- ".. did I remember to turn off the oven?"
- "oh my, that's one giant spider hanging up there!"

Ok, now it's just getting plain weird, so I'll stop for now.
2009-02-03 03:59:08 CET
Pretty good so far. If you keep up with daily updates than you just might catch a decent following.
2009-02-03 08:24:11 CET
Thank you :)
2009-02-05 13:42:31 CET
I'm positive... I'm not swimming in options either...
2009-02-07 15:09:32 CET
oh, I think you are - it's just the reverse situation - lots of non-interesting options. Same hell, I guess
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Her: I know that's not the reason. Try again.
Him: It's not like I'm swimming in options you know.
Her: Rubbish. There is someone out there for anyone.
Him: You think?
Her: I'm positive!
Him: [thinks] anyone.. but me.
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