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#560 - 2010-07-27 - I call it the bleeder
I call it the bleeder
I just received my long awaited Drobo FS yesterday.. My enthusiasm was quickly curbed though when I realized the power supply could kill mosquitoes and attract dogs from miles away with the highpitch noises it makes.

Needless to say I already filed a support claim with the vendor - and I sure hope they will replace the power supply or I will have to return the whole deal, which would be a darned shame.. But if it isn't fixed, my brain would melt within an hour near this thing..
Lord HellFire
2010-07-27 18:34:06 CET
Had the exact same problem (noise wise), 10 cm, with my NAS... the extra 10 cm is the distance between PSU fan and processor fan. Luckily my problem could be fixed by a software patch and moving the power cable from a 2-lead plug to a 3-lead plug on the motherboard, so it could control the fans speed. It's still audible, but at least no longer sounds like a jet engine.
2010-07-27 18:36:09 CET
Well, this is the external powersupply making a noise.. it's electrical.. Not mechanical, but they're going to send me a new PSU to me..
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Mailman: Package for you
rené: yay!
rené: Ok, drives are plugged in. Let's turn it on...
rené: Wah.... Noise..
rené: Ow....
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