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#359 - 2010-01-07 - welcome to azeroth
welcome to azeroth
So you find yourself out of money for a vacation out here in the real world? Fear not - there are many a splendid place to go in Azeroth and beyond the Dark Portal.

Just make sure you pick a spot that's not about to get hit by rain (or sandstorms, as I can personally tell from my travels in Tanaris)
2010-01-07 09:49:30 CET
This one I approve of... and love it ;D
2010-01-07 12:07:50 CET
which server u on? :P
2010-01-07 18:01:08 CET
Who, me? I'm on the ehr.. uhm.. hold on.. let me think.. uhm.. ehe. I can't remember - haven't played in months now. Maybe I should dust off the installation and see if everything's still there..
2010-01-07 18:02:03 CET
Nagrand and Proudmore... Got no clue where René is...
2010-01-07 18:06:09 CET
Alakir here ;D
2010-01-07 19:10:21 CET
Aerie Peak for me :)
2010-01-08 09:42:04 CET
René, are you Alliance or horde? Cause I'm thinking of moving my hordes to where my friends are...
2010-01-08 14:55:46 CET
Muse: Still Alliance, but I am still thinking about also trying out Horde-characters (to see what's going 'over there'). P is on a whole different server as well (don't know if he's still playing though).
Dr. F.
2010-01-10 09:05:40 CET
Nagrand rules the world...
2010-01-10 13:02:18 CET
Nagrand has floating mountains... Just like Pandora...
Dr. F.
2010-01-11 06:38:26 CET
Yup! Peter Jackson is proberly also lost in the world of warcraft... (but i actually meant the realm Nagrand). :p

2010-01-11 08:54:18 CET
I don't see any Nagrandians running around, ruling Aerie Peak ;)
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Guide: Welcome to Stranglethorn Vale!
Muse: Let me guess...
Guide: Rainseason!
rené: Sorry Muse, I couldn't help myself from using this one. (sorry about the rain though.. it should stop any time soon)
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