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#278 - 2009-10-18 - my favourite dds
my favourite dds
I received 15 entries in the draw, and those were cast on 14 different strips - from the very first drawn one (taser) to one of the very latest ones (corpse in your bathtub), but the one strip that got 2 votes was tribute to the best strip in the world (I guess there are some hardcore Tenacious D fans out there after all ;)).

And - from the list of 15 names, I had to pick a random one. I have to say, it was kinda tough how to make this truly random and fair, so I made a tiny perlscript to deal with it (you should see it in the video as well).

Aaaand we have a winner! Congratulations to Stine, who won, fair and square as decided by the random-number-generator.
Check out a video of the draw here (the video looks awful after I uploaded it to Youtube, but it should be clear enough in fullscreen).

And now for some less interesting statistics;
Counting by the strips that have been rated more than 3 times and not by my self, the list looks like this:
"drink and plan" - 5 votes, 4.8 in average
"coulda woulda shouda" - 4 votes, 4.75
"dont look" - 6 votes, 4.5
"a-muse-ing" - 4 votes, 4.25

Well - it gets less interesting from here, so let's just give it up for Stine, who will receive her special price. yay!

PS: Congratulations to the Muse on her birthday :)
2009-10-18 11:39:52 CET
WOOHOOOO, I'm the king of the WORLD!!!! (Aaaand I'm hoping for another design than todays drawing)
2009-10-18 12:44:51 CET
Thanks... and I like the less interesting statistics...
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[Title on t-shirt] My favourite DD's
rené: Yup, those are my favourite DD's, but yours are listed below.. And the winner of the draw is.... Stine!
PS: Smaller actually does it better for me ;)
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