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#277 - 2009-10-17 - strip 001 remake
strip 001 remake
Yay. Last day of the competition and the server is almost about to die. Is it a sign? Should I just stop? Naaa!

Send me an email with the title or URL of your favourite strip and you have the chance to win something from the DD-shop.
Actually, I think I'll be making something special for the winner, so.. get those emails flying. The winner will be announced sunday.

Oh yeah, the address is: daily [ATTT] denada [DDOOOOTTTT] dk.
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T: Wow, check out all that space. Any idea what you're gonna do with it?
rené: Dunno man. I haven't really made up my mind yet.
T: Dude, you¨ve had this space for years now. You must have at least one idea?
rené: Yeah, that I'm gonna kick your ass in Mario Kart. Come on.
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2012-11-08 17:42:05
Den burde hedde The bimonthly Denada! :D..
2012-04-24 07:46:26
What is it? What can it do?..
2011-12-22 10:04:39
Both you and Pete Rouse :) (
2011-12-22 09:04:37
Getting a cat is a step on the way to get a GF. Someone once..
2011-10-20 08:10:31
I can tell you one thing... It is much cheaper to have a cat..
2011-05-28 12:26:46
again, I forgot to add little 'future-rené'-arrows ;)..
2011-05-28 12:00:55
What's up with the eye-patch?..
2011-05-28 10:49:55
It's shopping carts ;)..
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