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#275 - 2009-10-15 - old bed vs new bed
old bed vs new bed
Yup.. much better.
Sorry for the delay - I fell in some Mai Tai's with T after a show last night and I hadn't uploaded a strip for today as I thought I was going to make it home..

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smoking sister #1
2009-10-15 20:37:14 CET
How does the graphic processor fit in the bed? Does it cuddle or roll over...?
2009-10-15 20:42:21 CET
ehr.. I don't think it would fit very well ;) but at least it's hot.. given that I bought one, that is.. which I didn't..
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rené: [thinking] So.. lonely
[title] Everything will be so much better if I get a bigger bed..
rené: [thinking] Sigh...
[title] Yup.. Much better...
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