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#274 - 2009-10-14 - papillon
Just felt like it. It's also a very cool song by a band called The Editors.

Remember the competition this week. Send me an email with the title or URL of your favourite strip and you have the chance to win something from the DD-shop.
The winner will be found at the end of the week, so get those emails flying!
Oh yeah, the address is: daily [ATTT] denada [DDOOOOTTTT] dk.

2009-10-14 12:47:13 CET
I would like to vote for 3 strips: #59, #76 (because of te facial expression, which you caught so nicely) and the one called "tapping feet".
2009-10-14 12:49:32 CET
#59 is 'tapping' feet.. so that's only 2, which is 1 more than I asked for. You have one vote (but only because I know who you are - the vote should be sent by email ;))
same as above
2009-10-15 20:34:50 CET
All right. I love tapping feet and have also voted for it in a chat - which is not a mail either. ha!
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Make our escape,
you're my own papillon.
The world turns too fast,
feel love before it's gone.
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