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#216 - 2009-08-17 - da bomb
da bomb
Thank god J doesn't own a PSP then.. Furthermore, I can't remember the security people at the airport here in CPH wearing hats like they're from some 3rd world banana-republic..
2009-08-17 08:16:04 CET
I saw a cop wear a hat like that last week... so apparently they still have them...
2009-08-17 08:16:41 CET
PS, told you to NOT let them search you... tsk tsk tsk
Dick Obvious
2009-08-17 11:34:26 CET
Using any form of electronic device while passing through a security checkpoint or customs check is NOT a good idea.
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[Title] Playing COD on your PSP at the security gate? Probably not a good idea..
Jakob: Man! This machinegun is da BOMB!
Security-guy: Glove-time!
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