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#213 - 2009-08-14 - who gives a
who gives a
It was one of those 'to heck with it, let's do this'-concerts. I knew virtually nothing of this band until T pointed out that this was one of the concerts I probably should attend. Turns out they have a hit on the radio here at the moment (Oxford Comma), and their album was on eMusic.. so. A few minutes yesterday afternoon was spent downloading it, and then I listened to it for a few times.. and I was sold.

The concert? Cannot be described. They played a few numbers from their upcoming album, and both T and me can't wait for it.

Check out Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend here. There are a few other great songs by them in the channel-list to the right. Enjoy!

PS: Speaking of 'to heck with it, let's do this', I freakin' did it.. if this is your first time here, hit 'previous' a few times and take it from there.
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Singer: Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
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It's shopping carts ;)..
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