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#212 - 2009-08-13 - clever questions
clever questions
So, I might be jumping to conclusions regarding wether or not I am her type at all, and that I actually have any readers.. soo.. I might just be talking to myself (again).

There's still 15% off in the shop. Voucher Code: SUMMER2009 (why do I keep saying this if I know I have no readers?).
Lord HellFire
2009-08-13 08:18:49 CET
*Illustrates the Captains last point by not saying anything*
2009-08-13 08:44:27 CET
You have readers. And it is so easy to say for me, but: TELL HER!!
2009-08-13 10:00:28 CET
be the romantic, and ask her out...
or be direct and go "So, when can I tap that?"
My money is on romantic
2009-08-13 10:14:58 CET
I'm a very loyal reader, but I don't get any of this - I don't even know if it about something happening in real life. If it is: STOP being such a chicken! If you really are seriously in love, do something. Sing this song to her:
2009-08-13 10:34:39 CET
LHF: ha! you said something!
Vibsen: Eh.. later ;)
Doc: I don't of any place but inside your head where that line works.
Stine: Uhm, it's all fiction. I mean, it's not like I have a talking plushie that looks like a fictional character I picked up at a standup comedy gig a few months ago.. *cough*. Great song though :)
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Captain Cup: So, you're not telling her now because you're going away for 4 weeks soon?
rené: Maybe...
Captain Cup: And what if she finds herself a boyfriend while you're away?
rené: Any other clever questions?
Captain Cup: Because there aren't any readers lef... ooh!
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