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#184 - 2009-07-16 - keep it up
keep it up
Really. It is. tuesday I went for a 12km walk (which was rather hard towards the end) and wednesday I biked the 32km to work in 2 hours. Yes, I was rather dead at the end of this ride since I'm also trying out a low-calorie diet at the moment, but still it was totally doable and everything seems a-ok :)
2009-07-16 09:39:09 CET
my diet plans always end up like "why am I doing it to myself"...or "oh can't exercise now it's to hot/cold/my stomache hurts/etc"
So really congrats. 12km walk, and this bike (I hate bikes), wow!
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rené: [thinking] nice ride to work today...
Computer: New message. From: Knee. Message: Regarding all this exercise lately, I just wanted to let you know this: .. it's ok!"
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