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#183 - 2009-07-15 - fishing
They should be easier to catch with those things sticking out of their eyebrows though..
Thanks to T for the idea for this one.

Roskilde-Fund news: The fund is up to DKK775,- and I am going to change the funding-rules a tad, otherwise I might not even have money for going myself next year. As it looks now, I might be able to shell out for not one but two tickets next year. T-shirts included. It's going to be awesome.
Lord HellFire
2009-07-15 08:51:33 CET
You gathered almost enough for half a ticket in less than two weeks... you may have enough for several tickets by next year, if you keep this up. You'll just end up paying for everyone else and not going yourself, because you're broke ;)
2009-07-15 09:42:08 CET
exactly, which is why I am going to lower the contribution to 50 or 25% of what I have contributed so far. This will still put a lot of money in the fund before next year and make sure that I actually have money for a ticket for myself ;)
Lord HellFire
2009-07-16 09:29:42 CET
Or make a double fund. One for you and one for the lucky sod...
2009-07-16 10:44:46 CET
There is a fund for me too already .. but there might not be any money left for it if I make 100% payments to the new fund ;)
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T: So. How's fishing going?
rené: Meh. Lots of rejects.
T: Looks like you've caught something!
rené: Yeah! Keep your fingers crossed! this might be it.
T: Nice one!
rené: Yeah, except it's another reject. No pierced eyebrows for me.
Catch: Ow!
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