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#181 - 2009-07-13 - piggy bank
piggy bank
Yes, we have a coin with that specific value here.. or at least we should.
I really really should set up a subpage on this site with info on the 'fund', so people not on FaceBook have an idea what's going on, but for now, check out the discussion on the FanPage for the story so far.

PS: Yes, colours are back on mondays - the downside to working weekends is that I actually forget that 'tomorrow' is sunday when I do sundays strip.. woops.
2009-07-22 15:28:27 CET
Whøøøøøt you cant handle any more money!
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[Title] The first deposit into the "Daily Denada Fund for People In Need Of Roskilde Festival Tickets" has been made.
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