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#180 - 2009-07-12 - cleaning
.. and since he's the one doing it, I have no idea who I'll be missing..

Q: Who is Dolph?
A: clicky

I am still considering how to decide who would be a worthy receiver of a ticket for Roskilde Festival 2010, but I might have found just the way to 'raise' money for it in a way that also encourages me to shed some weight or at least excersise more; Whenever I do any kind of workout for more than 30 minutes I will be putting DKK50,- for the first 30 minutes and then DKK25,- for each subsequent 15 minutes of excersise per session.

This week I did 4 hours and 15 minutes of biking (2 hours and 15 minutes + 1 hour + 1 hour), meaning I have already put DKK425,- into the fund.

Yes, the money is coming out of my own pocket, but it's to do something good for someone else _and_ make me excersise more. It's like a win-win situation, right?

If you think you're in worthy need of a ticket for next years Roskilde Festival, or have some idea on how on earth I should elect a worthy person, drop me an email or discuss it on the fansite on FaceBook.

If you want to help out with raising money, feel free to let your clicking fingers loose on the ad.
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Dolph [offscreen] Argh!
Dolph [offscreen] Argh!
Dolph [offscreen] Argh!
rené: I'm letting Dolph do a bit of cleaning on FaceBook. Sounds like he's having fun...
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