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#99 - 2009-04-22 - I feel lucky
I feel lucky
Long story short, it doesn't. I have been very lucky lately though (except for this busted knee); good friends, great weather, things at work clicking nicely.
Any day now - I tell you - any day now, Ms Right will come knocking (well, one can always dream)

The picture on the wall? Seemed like it fit there, so I had to give it a try. Feel free to comment.
2009-04-22 09:59:10 CET
there is always someone out there for you
2009-04-22 15:56:48 CET
who is the person in the picture? Gives your "office" personality...
2009-04-22 16:03:51 CET
It's none other than 'Morgan'. And thank you. I thought it made a different touch too. I think I will do a rotation with different people/things in future strips - not every day, but once in a while.
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H [on the computer]: Could you help me with something?
rené [typing]: Sure, fire away?
H [On the computer]: I need a totally awesome tone for my cellphone. Can you help?
rené [typing]: Anything specific?
H [on the computer]: Not really. I trust you to find something awesome.
rené: Let's see if this 'I feel lucky'-button works...
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