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#98 - 2009-04-21 - packed weekend
packed weekend
And many many many other things that didn't fit. It's been a near-perfect weekend. Thank you all of you (and my pardon QoFE and H, who I woke up a 'few' times with my snorring saturday night - I probably should get something done about it..)

PS: The pirate is Jolly Roger - a character from this danish 'childrens movie' we watched sunday night to bring the weekend to it's finale.
2009-04-21 09:53:29 CET
Oh, i thought the pirate was a greetz to the pirate bay boys ;)
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rené: Man, it's been a packed weekend...
T: ... restaurant and concert friday...
M: ... easter-fun saturday...
H: ... egg-rolling...
P: ... bacon and Beowulf sunday...
L: ... and then a trip to the Zoo!
Jolly Roger: Shut yer traps, landlubbers!
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It's shopping carts ;)..
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