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#67 - 2009-03-21 - brunch
Sometimes life _is_ great. Like friday when I did this, the sun was shining, the muse sent me a text, just to let her friends know that she just heard an awesome song (Take That - Back For Good) on the radio that made her all happy again and I had a perfect brunch with Signe. And thank you for that by the way :)

EDIT: 2009-03-31: I changed the strip a tad. The old one made it seem like it was only one person doing all the talking, which wasn't the case.
2009-03-23 18:00:53 CET
Haha, do I really bable that much? I rather thought you had your share of the conversation as well, Mr "inserted sentences" (or should it be Mr "inserted saga" :D
2009-03-23 21:46:52 CET
I do realize this strip doesn't show my intentions as well as it should have. It was meant to display that I enjoyed the company and the coversation. If you add a talk-line coming from 'me' as well, the meaning is better conveyed :)
Let's do brunch again some time, and next time it's on me :)
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[title] Sometimes life is great
S+rené:bla bla bla.. brazil.. bla bla.. meat all you can eat.. bla bla bla.. greek yogurt and frozen fruit.. bla bla bla.. radiohead.. bla bla bla..marseilles.. bla bla bla.. this great restaurant.. bla bla.. good job.. bla bla bla.. nice weather... bla bla.. travel .. bla bla... oh do try the kiwi-shake .. bla bla .. oh remember and send me those links.. we must do this again...
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