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#45 - 2009-02-27 - shapes
Sad but true. I need some help here people. Some encouragement would be nice.
2009-02-27 05:28:34 CET
Hehe i use the same logic when people say im fat. "i'm in shape, round is a shape" and it's nice with a built in cupholder ;)
2009-02-27 12:53:33 CET
Ah yeah 'cupholder'. Completely forgot that one ;)
2009-02-27 14:36:58 CET
Jeg træner med nogle venner på deres kontor - wanna join?
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Dude: People keep saying that I should loose some weight.
Sidekick: They are right, you know. You should get in shape.
Dude: "Round" is also a shape.
Sidekick: Yeah sure... and it's very practical...
Sidekick: If you're looking to catch yourself a whale.
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