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#505 - 2010-06-02 - good thing its only saltwater
good thing its only saltwater
Just got this Invisishield-thing for my GPS. It's supposed to make it really scratch-resistant.. Let's see how that goes. And yeah.. I nearly sprayed myself in the eyes with that thing. It's perfectly round and with no clear indication as to where the liquid is coming out (unless yoy keep your eyes on it the whole time.. which I didn't.. ahem).
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rené: Hold product, adhesive side up and lightly moisten the front and back using the supplied spray
rené: There we go... And now the spray..
rené: Urgh!
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2012-11-08 17:42:05
Den burde hedde The bimonthly Denada! :D..
2012-04-24 07:46:26
What is it? What can it do?..
2011-12-22 10:04:39
Both you and Pete Rouse :) (
2011-12-22 09:04:37
Getting a cat is a step on the way to get a GF. Someone once..
2011-10-20 08:10:31
I can tell you one thing... It is much cheaper to have a cat..
2011-05-28 12:26:46
again, I forgot to add little 'future-rené'-arrows ;)..
2011-05-28 12:00:55
What's up with the eye-patch?..
2011-05-28 10:49:55
It's shopping carts ;)..
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