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#486 - 2010-05-14 - sans dialogue
sans dialogue
This was made for Dialogue Free Comics Day , an idea I saw mentioned on some other webcomic I follow and thought I would make my own contribution. And why not make it (another) one about geocaching?
For me, I prefer the lonely hunt, where I have only myself to blame for not being able to find the way to the targets, when I can sit down on a boulder, in the middle of nowhere and just enjoy the serenity of not having anyone else around.

I'll probably also enjoy future hunts with fellow cachers (Hello Peter!), but most of the time, I will be going alone..

Sorry to bother you all with all this geocaching-stuff, but it's a huge thing in my life (and it beats all those saggy 'nobody-loves-me'-strips, right? ;))
Lord HellFire
2010-05-14 07:34:30 CET
To reiterate: Bastard!
Tommie Kelly
2010-05-14 11:50:23 CET
I know nothing about geocaching. Is it like a treasue hunt thing?
2010-05-14 12:20:12 CET
Indeed it is. You do it with a GPS and there are 'treasures' hidden 'everywhere'. Thousands in DK alone. Read more here -
Tommie Kelly
2010-05-14 20:47:32 CET
Cool, sounds like fun!
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