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#478 - 2010-05-06 - riding the powertrail
riding the powertrail
Since I had most of the day off, I deciced I wanted to try and locate geocaches along a socalled 'powertrail' not that far from where I live (still an hours transport, because I have to take a major detour with the train).

Anyway. I had planned out, that I would take the first 30 (this trail has 250(!) caches in total, laid out along a predetermined route), and this would give me somewhere betweem 20 and 30km on the bicycle.

I hadn't accounted for the millions of getting on and off the bike though, so after 3 hours and 26 caches in this trail alone + a few others, I decided to call it a day.

Yes, the map is almost true to scale. Most of the caches are laid out with somewhere between 200 and 300m between them..

On the way home, I passed the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle. A very nice place, with a very odd bridge (shaped like an 's') with a very cheeky cache on the very middle of it.

I'll be going back up there soon..
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