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#475 - 2010-05-03 - the truth on picnic
the truth on picnic
We had a wonderful picnic in "Dyrehaven" just outside Copenhagen yesterday. Perfect weather, good food and a nice ride by bicycle in the woods afterwards.
Parts of this 'conversation' didn't take place until we 'crashed' Peters place later for movienight and the words migth have been twisted slightly to make a better punchline ;)
2010-05-29 22:51:25 CET
Damn... I'm slow.... I haven't thought of Geowulf until now ;)
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[Title] Just said he hasn't seen Beowulf.
Muse: What?! You haven't seen "Beowulf"?! I'm so disappointed!
rené: Yes... So am I...
[Title] Just found out the nearest geocache is a category 3/5.
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It's shopping carts ;)..
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