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#453 - 2010-04-11 - blue sky
blue sky
Yeah, there was not a cloud in the sky and I did get a few really good ideas for great shots at the contrast between the sky and some of the buildings in the neighbourhood. Too bad my headache just made me feel like staying in and do nothing about it.. but at least I know what time of day I should go back to get the goos shadow effects on those suckers.

Yeah, I thought I could draw one of the buildings I had in mind, but I kinda need a picture to draw from.. uhm..
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[Title] Biking home from the store yesterday, in the bright sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky, looking at how the buildings along the path looked completely different in the bright sunlight.
There was only one thing on my mind:
rené: [Thinking] Frickin' headache..
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