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#430 - 2010-03-19 - changing names
changing names
Someone once asked if I couldn't give my characters actual names instead of just single letters (like p, t, l and so forth).
Thinking about it, The Muse already has her name. Knifey has one too and of course, myself. Of the other regulars, it's just P that's missing one now. Maybe in another year or so he'll get one? ;)

(did anyone notice that today's strip was late? I kinda got caought up in Red Alert 3:Uprising.. woops..)
2010-03-19 06:50:51 CET
Info: As today's strip was a tad late, there is a bonus - hit the FB-link to the right of the strip to see it.
Lord HellFire
2010-03-19 08:18:45 CET
As long as you don't start calling me Platypus or Poppelopidahead...
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-03-19 10:58:37 CET
Lord HellFire: Howbout Poppelopidaheadlatypus then? :)
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-03-19 11:00:06 CET
Oh - and 'P' could be for 'Partyskinke'? :D
2010-03-19 14:16:18 CET
how about 'player'? ;)
Lord HellFire
2010-03-20 10:07:00 CET
I'll take Player :) Partyskinke will do in a crunch, but Player it is :D
2010-03-20 10:16:48 CET
Naah.. sounds kinda kinky..
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-03-20 17:05:43 CET
Well - 'playah' then? :)
Lord HellFire
2010-03-22 06:33:34 CET
Considering I went on an impromptu date with quite the cute, smart/intelligent, funny, hot girl yesterday, randomly chosen by my 7-year old niece(yes, really she did), 'Playah' is not the worst choice ;)
2 hours of writing before I got her phone number and had set up a date only 5 hours later (I had to cross the island to get back to the capital).
2010-03-22 08:04:13 CET
Nice ;) She lives _how_ far away?
I would still rather use your real name though..
Lord HellFire
2010-03-22 08:15:49 CET
Central Copenhagen, so not far far away ;)
2010-03-22 10:27:26 CET
Ah.. brain no worky this morning..
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rené: Hey, Tea, what's up?
T: Tea? Yes please.
rené: Haha. Very funny.
T: Well, those are my initials you know
rené: Hehe. True. There ya go.
T: Thanks!
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