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#428 - 2010-03-17 - chatroulette
I just had to try it out.

Me? turned the camera to show my desktop and drawing pad, so people could watch me draw. Fun to see stare closely at their monitors to see wtf was going on.

Oh yeah - you should so much check out this video with a guy who plays the piano and sings improvised songs based on the users he connects to. Fun!
Dr. F.
2010-03-17 11:07:02 CET
Sounds kinda funny...
2011-01-05 07:06:52 CET
Der er en dansk ChatRoulette findes på:

Godt nytår 2011
2011-01-14 10:13:53 CET
quierochat virker overhovedet ikke.. Jeg foretrækker <A href="">Chatroulette på Dansk</A>
2011-01-14 10:14:32 CET
Link fix:
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