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#410 - 2010-02-27 - and this is why men arent mindreaders
and this is why men arent mindreaders
According to the Book of Genesis, God created Eve from a rib that he took from Adam. And in this rib that males now are missing(*), the receiver for all these invisible messages and hints females keep giving off was located, thus making men incapable of understanding all these signals.

* Of course the Book of Genesis lied to us.. men and women do in fact have the same amount of ribs - and even in the cases where someone might have an extra set of "costae fluitantes" ('floating ribs' - the name for the 2 lower ribs that most men and women have), or even lack both the pairs of these "floating ribs", the number is still even..

Dr. F.
2010-02-27 11:14:23 CET
True, oh so true....
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Muse: *mmm**
rené: Uhm, what are you doing?
Muse: Sending messages to you. Can't you hear?
rené: Oh... Uhm..
rené: My gender doesn't have the receiver for that. I think it was located in the that rib we lost...
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