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#402 - 2010-02-19 - living with a cat
living with a cat
I'm looking after a cat for a friend. She's just a tiny, yet so adorable furball.. I can really relate to what all the fuzz in having a cat is about :)

(Typed with one hand. The cat is currently sleeping on my left hand)
2010-02-19 08:25:39 CET
We want to see pictures of the cute creature
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-02-19 09:16:52 CET
WTF dude?!??
2010-02-19 16:58:48 CET
*The subtle sound of a cat 'doing the number 2'*.. is that better? ;)
2010-02-19 18:52:03 CET
Thanks for the help... I came home to a happy little kitten, just over an hour ago. Seems that she like Uncle René...
2010-02-19 18:53:57 CET
happy to help (.. and slightly softer towards the idea of getting on myself one day ;))
2010-02-19 20:04:39 CET
Might be able to help in that department one day... ;D
2010-02-19 21:51:24 CET
The problem (as with all animals) is they grow up to be not quite so small and cudly.
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-02-20 10:51:03 CET
It was more an exclamation towards the fact, that you choose to draw a cat taking a dump - surely there must have been other more interesting moments (besides those in box 3 & 4)?
2010-02-21 00:08:14 CET
there are more sides to cats than 'cute and cuddly' ;)
I didn't know you were prissy? ;)
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