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#397 - 2010-02-14 - hallmark holiday
hallmark holiday
Yeah. Gotta love those Hallmark Holidays. I read a headline the other day that said, that the men in Denmark had 'forgotten' when Valentine's Day was.

Well, it's a Hallmark Holiday that the shops are trying to import to Europe.. just like Halloween. So Cupid can fcsk off..
2010-02-14 16:59:48 CET
The men in Denmark havn't forgotten... they've never known... It's an american thing, I don't know a single person in Denmark who cares...
2010-02-14 17:01:06 CET
Yes, but the article said 'forgotten', as to instill a feeling of guilt...
2010-02-14 17:54:54 CET
Roses are #C91D1D,
Violets are #6411D5 ...
Lord HellFire
2010-02-14 22:35:22 CET
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-02-15 09:09:30 CET
A saw another article, which claims that Danish men (and to a large extinct also women) simply refuses to remember Valentines Day, because they consider it to be an artificial event entirely promoted by commercial interests...
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Cupid: I tell it to girls..
Cupid: I tell it to boys...
Cupid: I tell it in paris.. ..and in london too
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