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#386 - 2010-02-03 - while I sleep
while I sleep
Do you sometimes have a dream, that sticks with you for weeks? I do and this is one of them.

I sometimes tell people when I've had 'one of those' dreams and they're in it, but this time I didn't, but I felt it wanted to be told, so I decided I would draw it instead.

There were no words spoken in the dream, but as I haven't told the person from the dream about it, I had to add some dialogue that I think fits..

The setting was: We're sleeping under a table on separate mats, and this friend is crying - seeking out my hand for comfort. I've remembered most of the details for weeks now - there weren't a lot, but the way this friend looked in this dream really 'got me' as this person usually isn't one that appears to be scared or in need of anyone's help.

I don't think this dream has anything to do with real life events though, but if one of you found yourselves in need of someones comfort a few weeks ago, I would like to know.. and I would like you to know that I am here for you..
2010-02-03 09:36:37 CET
One of the best you have made. It has a message and I think you recived it.
2010-02-03 12:25:11 CET
Thank you Vibsen..

I forgot to add, that I added the dialogue, so I didn't have to draw the person from the dream - otherwise it might have been obvious who it was..
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Voice: Please hold my hand while I sleep.. I'm scared..
rené: Ok..
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