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#373 - 2010-01-21 - waiting
What? It only took an hour or so.. But it really is getting kinda crappy for TV-usage. I just realized, that not even the videocard I have in my primary workstation is beefy enough to play back HD-tv, so I can't even put the card from that into the server (when I get a new one for the workstation that is..). Not that it would fit anyway, as the server only has an AGP-port - someone needs to buy me an NVidia-card that supports VDPAU *wink*
2010-01-21 12:17:27 CET
VDPAU is just a fad. You need a GPU with the latest DownloadShitIntoYourBrain 2.1
2010-01-21 13:39:37 CET
Yeah, so I can watch movies with no lights on and no audio. Everything played directly in my brain. Where do I get one of those things that makes that possible? ;)

As a PS - everything is working now - even EIT, which is why I did the upgrade to 0.22. No more Mythfilldatabase and crummy tv-listings from obscure websites :)
2010-01-23 21:04:03 CET
EIT is awesome
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rené: So.. the new tuner is in the linux-box.. Maybe I should upgrade mythtv while I'm in the mood..
rené: Configuring.. and now to build it.
Computer: "Building.. please wait"
Computer: ".. Building .. please wait"
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again, I forgot to add little 'future-rené'-arrows ;)..
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What's up with the eye-patch?..
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It's shopping carts ;)..
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