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#369 - 2010-01-17 - golden friday
golden friday
Oh yeah! Golden friday indeed! First, I only had a 4 hour workday as a colleague owed me 4 hours from some time last year.

Then dinner at T's place with his sister and her boyfriend (meat, meat and lots of meat in one pot - win-win-win etc.) - and chocolate for dessert.

After the dinner, we went to "DR-Byen" (headquarters for the National Danish Radio & TV) to attend "P3 Guld" ("P3 Gold"), a yearly awardshow where the radio channel P3 awards danish bands in different categories.

We finished the evening off with fancy tropical drinks in a caribbean bar downtown.

T and I ended up sitting right next to where one of the presenters did his stuff some of the time, so we got quite a lot of "Air-time". Yay!

EDIT: 'radioshow' changed to 'radio channel' (thanks muse ;))
2010-01-17 16:31:22 CET
Detail police: P3 is not a radioshow... it's a radio channel... ;)
2010-01-17 16:33:20 CET
Info-police: I wrote the text at 6 o'clock this morning.. _before_ going to bed. I'm amazed if that's the biggest mistake I made ;) (ok, the legs for the camera are green, which they're not supposed to be..)
The great and godly Wabbajack
2010-01-17 23:08:11 CET
I'm more impressed with the quick over-night tanning job :)
2010-01-18 01:27:41 CET
Wabba: I have become un-undead.. ehe ;)
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