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#350 - 2009-12-29 - must be something you read
must be something you read
I wanted to write something witty and profound here, but I couldn't think of anything.. it must have been something I read.
The great and godly Wabbajack
2009-12-29 10:19:33 CET
I can recommend the book Comedy Writing Secrets by Mel Helitzer. It won't turn you in to the next Anden, but it may counteract whateveryouread :o)

(oh - and merry christmas by the way :))
2009-12-29 15:17:43 CET
.. Or maybe I should stop staying awake until 5 in the morning after a 12 hour nightshift, followed by only 4 hours of sleep....
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rené: I wonder why I'm so tired...
G: Maybe it's something you read?
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