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#341 - 2009-12-20 - kissing at the movies
kissing at the movies
We went to see Avatar yesterday with a load of friends, and someone found a mistletoe.

Needless to say, P and I are so much out of practice on certain things. But hey, in our defense, those mistletoe-things are only up for such a short period of the year, so uhm.. eh yeah..

The world needs more mistletoe ;)

PS: you should go and see Avatar. Now. What are you waiting for? GO. NOW!
2009-12-20 10:50:16 CET
This is the reason why we're all single... I'm under the mistletoe and nobody notices? What has the world come to?
2009-12-20 11:44:27 CET
Yeah, it's so sad..
2009-12-20 11:45:56 CET
And this is your friendly cartoon-artist giving everybody a heads-up that the server probably will be down for a while this afternoon (20/12-09) for a hardware-upgrade. This server needs more RAID.
2009-12-20 13:42:13 CET
Hello, it's me again.. turns out both the harddrives I was going to install are dead, so there should only be some minor downtime starting from 15.00CET
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Muse: Juhuuu?
Muse: Boys?
rené: Ehr.. You know what that means?
P: Nope. I'm blank.
Muse: Hrmpf!
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