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#282 - 2009-10-22 - sputnik lives
sputnik lives
Yes, when T makes such statements and I am otherwise occupied, who can you count on as a standin sarcasmo-meter, other than good old sputnik ;)

UP! was awesome by the way. Definetely a must-see and must-own-on-dvd.
2009-10-22 12:40:53 CET
Actually, Sputnik was launched on the 4th of october 1957 and burned up in the atmosphere on the 4th of january 1958, so it would just be the ghost of it that would beep 'out there'..
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Sputnik: Beep!
Russian: Da! Is true! Sputnik is still alive!
Guy in headset: Da?
T: Personally, I didn't really like that movie, UP!
rené: Point!
L: Squirrel!
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