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#272 - 2009-10-12 - difficult choice
difficult choice
I've had the same bed since.. forever, but a need for a bigger one has only been in that fairytale land in my head where I don't wake up alone every day.
And of course.. I made this strip friday, and saturday, H was going to throw away the frame for her old bed .. which is bigger than my old one and in a better design than the ones I've been looking at myself - score! The strip is still true though..

Oh! The strip has been up for a year today. Yes, not with a strip every day, but today was one year ago since I uploaded the first 'strip'.
To 'celebrate' this, I am asking you, the readers, to tell me which strip so far has been your favourite. Send me an email on daily [at] denada DOTTELIDOT dk with the title and/or url of your favourite strip and I will make a draw at the end of the week between the contestants.
I'll be waiting!
2009-12-26 13:39:00 CET
This one made me snort Cola over my (brand new) keyboard! :-D

- Yeah, no pony for me... :-|
2009-12-26 17:44:43 CET
Woops. I'm sorry, I guess? ;)
2009-12-26 17:53:38 CET
I'm guessing "no"?

- Wow never before has he same sentence been THAT usable so soon! Yay!
2009-12-26 17:56:48 CET
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rené: Hmm. I kinda need a new graphics card, but I also need a bigger bed.
rené: "Need a bigger bed" - hahahah!
rené: So.. Nvidia or ATI?
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