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#269 - 2009-10-09 - still too soon
still too soon
I don't know what your stone looke´s like, or where the precise location of it is.. but I do know that no matter how far I'd have to walk to find it, you're not there anyway..

You probably know that you're missed and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again, where ever you are now.
2009-10-09 09:13:05 CET
It's still unfair :-(

RIP iv.
2009-12-15 11:30:24 CET
I am in tears.... ;(
Can I ask what happened? (Please don't kill me)
2009-12-15 12:38:31 CET
A dear friend of ours passed away on this day last year..
2009-12-15 13:35:13 CET
Was she ill, or did it happen suddenly? My impression fro the strip is that it happened suddenly...

In any case, I am sorry for all of you, and your loss... -hug-
2009-12-15 13:56:29 CET
It was sudden..
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