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#258 - 2009-09-28 - stardom awaits
stardom awaits
A girl showed up in my apartment with a videocamera to shoot me drawing stuff for a project she's working on.
Drawing something on cue is quite new to me, but it went better than expected. Now I just hope that the stuff I made is useable. I should get a youtube-link as soon as they're done.

The small images in today's strip is the stuff I did for her while the camera was rolling, showing how humour has evolved and which role it plays in todays society. I'm afraid that the re-rendition I did here looks way better than the stuff that got on the video, but hey - this time I had practice and slightly more time ;)
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Laura: ok, it’s rolling! so - first I need you to do one with a female from the middle east, sitting on the lap of her husband, farting. then, it’s on to a jester and a king, and then if you could do something with someone being bullied by a dictator, and then to something more modern - say, something with a guy that steps into a library and asks for a hotdog. finally, could you do something that shows how comedy has been institutionalized? ok, go!
Arabian guy: Ew!
King: haha!
Jester: The King is stupid!
Dicator: Nothing to laugh about here!
Guy: Hotdog?
Librarian: Library
rené: Lewis Black, Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock?
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