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#254 - 2009-09-24 - light sensitivity
light sensitivity
Yeah well, who knows.. all I know is, that the equinox was a few days ago, which is a serious sign that winter is around the corner.
Chriss Kringle
2009-09-24 12:48:04 CET
Ho ho ho, you got three months to go.
2009-09-24 20:43:50 CET
Winter brings good things... hot chocolate, dinner with friends, christmasfood, snow... And I'll be back, so YEAY!!!
2009-09-24 22:23:32 CET
yeah, at least one has friends to drink hot chocolate with, but .. sometimes it just isn't enough ;) (when will you be home btw?)
2009-09-30 17:43:01 CET
November 19th...
2009-10-01 00:45:22 CET
and there will be much yayness :)
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[Title] Getting older, I have learned that apparently my mood is light sensitive
[Title] In the spring/summer.
rené: I'm gonna die alone, and I don't give a damn!
[Title] In the fall/winter.
rené: I'm gonna die aloooooone!
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