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#220 - 2009-08-21 - which way again?
which way again?
At this stage we've actually been in the US for 4 days, so we should have made it a bit more west (unless we're lost, of course..).

It's at this stage I would like to say that I've got guest strips coming up, but if you still see this strip after the 21st, then there aren't any, and I haven't been able to find a place with internet.
2009-08-21 15:53:14 CET
it's the morning of day 5, and we're just going to cross the first state border today.. Not sure that 4 weeks is enough..
2009-08-21 22:26:31 CET
may this comic serve as a reminder where to go ;)
The great and godly Wabbajack
2009-08-23 11:25:52 CET
... and a map to guide you there ;o)
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again, I forgot to add little 'future-rené'-arrows ;)..
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2011-05-28 10:49:55
It's shopping carts ;)..
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