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#200 - 2009-08-01 - just stay there
just stay there
A friend once told me, he'd rather not get the feeling he has confirmed - rather stay happy and blissful. Well, this is how I felt on the very night I did this. It all went into a higher entity of a fun chat, air-drums to The Temper Trap and a feeling that 'this could work out ok, as long as I don't break stuff'. Yes, The Sweet Disposition..

PS: This is strip #200
PPS: Yes, my head really is that big (apparently).
2009-08-01 08:46:42 CET
I love my dosis af Daily Denada. I am going away for vacation, and will not have access to the internet for a week. I will miss it. But then I can look forward to seven strips when I come back.
2009-08-01 11:35:14 CET
I don't get the point of the strip at all, but congrats on the 200 strip anniversary!!! You roooock! (literally I guess, with the drums and all...) And have arms come to stay? Exiting!
2009-08-01 11:57:50 CET
Thank you Stine :) You might need to click on link no. 2 in the caption.. I was playing airdrums all night on thursday to that one tune.. it might be infectious, so beware ;)
The arms? there might be more in the future - who knows ;)
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rené: [Singing] A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs... just stay there .. cause I'll be coming over.
T: Hasn't he noticed that it's strip number 200?
Muse: Nope, he's completely oblivious.
P: Dibs on the champagne!
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