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#172 - 2009-07-04 - postcards
Saturday is for writing postcards.
Create your own funny card by listing the words/phrases you would insert in the comments below.
My words would be:
"Everyone, Camp EliteSmiley, Troels, Balstyrko, Elbow, Glasvegas, Soup from Soupalicious, keep drawing the strip, rené".

The great and godly Wabbajack
2009-07-04 10:34:07 CET
Aren't there missing a word or two in your list or am i just really lousy at this word-game?
2009-07-04 15:51:47 CET
there's only one guy apart from me in my camp, so of course there are a few unfilled spots...
The great and godly Wabbajack
2009-07-05 08:57:03 CET
Does two guys really qualifies as a "camp"?
2009-07-06 07:48:30 CET
I'd like to think, that they've been surrounded by hot women...
2009-07-06 09:46:07 CET
Muse: and so would we, but alas that wasn't the case.
Wabbajack: The smalles amount of people needed for a camp is defined by the smalles number of people it takes to be able to become lost - and that number is 2 ;)
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