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#166 - 2009-06-28 - festival tactics
festival tactics
You're not getting any colour or double-framed strips this sunday. Instead you get a little more detail.

I'm going to be at Roskilde Festival from tomorrow and until the following monday, so there's a lot of stuff uploaded ahead of time. Some of it is probably wild fantasy, while other things probably hold more true.

Oh yeah, the reason the camping area is turning smaller is that most of the original area for the campsite for the festival has been converted into a gravelpit. Boo Hiss..

EDIT: link fixed..
2009-06-30 10:32:07 CET
Im guessing you mean ... right? :P
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[Title]: With the camping area turning smaller and smaller with with year, new tactics to keep spot to yourself might be needed.
Leader: On my mark - charge!
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